I’ve fallen down the LogSeq rabbit-hole (kinda forced to, as work stopped allowing Obsidian)

Thing is, I’m already using it far more consistently than I did Obsidian, and it’s only been 2 days. 🤞🏻it might be the note taking system I actually stick to… Full blog post maybe coming later this week

Every time I need or want to make a graphic for something, I miss Fireworks MX just a little bit more. That was such a good bit of software, and Adobe just flat out let it wither. I built so many websites in the early 2000’s using Fireworks, and it made the job fun.

Finished reading: The End and the Death: Volume III by Dan Abnett 📚

Currently reading: The End and the Death: Volume III by Dan Abnett 📚

Every so often I’ll leave a pile of paints on the desk and stumble across some unexpectedly 🔥 colour combinations. This is today’s: bold oranges + deep magenta.

4 Vallejo Game Color paint bottles. Left to right they are: Orange Fire, a bold orange mid-tone; Hot Orange, a bold orange that leans to red; Deep Magenta, which is a darker, slightly purple magenta tone; Sunset Orange, a lighter orange that leans more to yellow

Finished reading: Farsight: Empire of Lies by Phil Kelly 📚

Currently reading: Farsight: Empire of Lies by Phil Kelly 📚

I really need to get more of my feeds hooked up to micro.blog again…

I’ve seen a lot of people posting about reading achievements and goals lately, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my partner’s YouTube channel where she talks about the books she’s read: https://www.youtube.com/@KapowskiReads. It’s all very low stakes and cosy, so if that’s your thing, check it out.

Year in books for 2023

Here are the books I finished reading in 2023.

Rogal Dorn: The Emperor's Crusader Haven't You Heard? Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear The End and the Death: Volume II Cypher: Lord of the Fallen The Dark City Sanguinius: The Great Angel Crisis of Faith Garro: Knight of Grey The End and the Death: Volume I Briardark The Hollow King Hallowed Ground The Triumph of Saint Katherine Helbrecht: Knight of the Throne Escape

I’ve still got some work to do, but I’m super close to adding ~590 historical posts to my blog, stretching back to 2003. Just got some data clean up to finish, to get everything building properly. I think I’ll need to rethink how I present my archives, but that’s a job for later

Last week I posted that the vibe had changed on Threads lately. After thinking about it, and logging in for a few minutes today, I’ve just gone ahead and deleted my account. I gave it a try — despite all the reservations — and it turned out it wasn’t for me.

Day 2476 of December 2023: still living off of party food, with no end in sight.

5 minutes into the new Doctor Who, and I’m absolutely sold on the new cast.

I logged into Threads, this morning, for the first time in maybe a couple of weeks, and “the vibes” seem to have dropped off a cliff 🫤

My feed used to be pretty positive and varied, but right now it’s just regurgitated memes, copypasta, and a big spike in counter-productive dunk posts.

I’m currently sorting through an export of ~2900 posts from various old blogs of mine, with the goal of getting a lot of it back online in the next few days/months. The oldest recoverable post was from 2002. I was still a teenager at the time!

Finished reading: Rogal Dorn: The Emperor’s Crusader by Gav Thorpe 📚

Finished reading: Haven’t You Heard? by Marie Le Conte 📚

Shock, horror, that viral story about the 3 pose bridal picture isn’t quite as it was first presented.

There’s two days of thick frost in the garden that has started to form into a forest of crystals. It looks really pretty.

Thick frost crystals that almost look like tiny treesThick frost crystals that almost look like tiny trees