Gonna have to write up my recent experimenting with a local Language Model + Retrieval Augmented Generation with local files (my blog archive and Logseq graph). It’s interesting, and holds some promise, but I’ve also found it incredibly hit or miss

Currently heating my office by trying to generate vector embeddings for 22 years of blog posts… on a Raspberry Pi 🤪

At the weekend I bought my first prebuilt PC in, like, 25 years. I realised I had neither the time to do all the part selection, nor the space to build one. It should be here tomorrow, and TBH, I’m mostly looking forward to having the option to play World of Warcraft again 😅

Get you someone who loves you as much as the retired lady next door loves the music of Pink

VS Code Remote Tunnels are kinda awesome. I’ve been playing with them for the last couple of days, and they’re less hassle than juggling SSH keys all over the place, though on the other hand they do require either a MS or GitHub account to work.


Slightly random question: does anyone know how well https//vscode.dev works on a modern iPad? My iPad is too old to even attempt it.

I have something like 3 or 4 blog posts in draft right now, because by the time I’ve got part way through writing them I’ve gone and done another thing that I want to blog about, so start writing the outline of that new thing while it’s still fresh in my mind…

Finished reading: Godeater’s Son by Noah Van Nguyen 📚

If there is one thing I miss about Twitter, it’s the carnival that happens on election results day.

Watching the Tories get absolutely pumped at the ballot box brings me unrestrained joy any time it happens.

I feel I need to go back and re-read Dune. I watched Dune: Part 2 yesterday, and a bunch of stuff was different to how I remembered it. But, to be fair, it is over 25 years since my last read-through so it’s probably my memory that’s wrong.

Not to boast, but I’ve just completed almost all the DIY odd jobs I’d been putting off for 5+ months, in ~2.5 hours this morning, and the only one I couldn’t do is because of the weather.

I am rewarding myself with a burrito and Dune 2.

My partner has a very small book-related YouTube channel, that usually only does a few dozen views per video. Yesterday she posted a Short of her using our new can crusher and it’s somehow got several thousand views. Is this the content people want? 😅

Finished reading: Black-Eyed Saint by Dale Lucas 📚

Currently reading: Black-Eyed Saint by Dale Lucas 📚

I spent most of the day adding a new section to my site, only for there to be an Azure Static Web Apps outage for deploying to prod 😖

The burrito cravings have come on strong and sudden 🌯

Gross. Using the “New Outlook” that was forced on me, and there’s a sneaky ad at the top of my inbox, designed to look like an email, even though it isn’t. Accidentally clicking it - I didn’t notice the “Ad” box at first, and assumed it was a marketing email - opens a browser window that triggers a uBlock rule. And this is happening to a paying MS365 customer!

An advert from Canon in the New Microsoft Outlook, designed to look like an unread email in the inbox list. It has a tiny Ad marking but  otherwise looks identical to a regular email

I’m very nearly done painting my Sylvaneth, at last. I’m waiting for the bases to dry, then I can finish airbrushing the giant sword and applying the last couple of washes/highlights. 🤞🏻 everything will be finished today.

A collection of mostly painted miniatures from the Sylvaneth faction of Age of Sigmar, on a messy desk. The primary colours are woody browns, cold jade greens, warm forest greens, plus some magenta/pinks and gold as “spot” colours

I had a realisation the other day, that I still don’t know how I feel about: I’ve been continually employed (full or part-time) since I was 13 years old.